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The “Musical Discovery” show is a radio show that I created early in my sophomore year at Ball State University. The reason as to why I created the show has to do with the state of the musical world today. What we hear now on the radio pales in comparison to what many refer to as the “Underground.” Underground music is music that is original and creative, providing high levels of incredible sound and lyricism. It does not conform to the hype or sex appeal, if you will, of the ‘sound’ that we call mainstream music…

My goal is to discuss (as well as play the music of) artists that I feel take music to another plane of existence, liberating our minds with their spectacular sound. I believe that if more people listened to the “Underground,” their thoughts on what music truly is will change dramatically.

Click the ‘Season 1’ link to listen to the first season of my radio show, starting from the 20th show and counting down toward the very first show.

Click the ‘Season 2’ link to listen to the second season of the radio show.

If you want more of the music I provide, “discover” the blog!

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